DC Job Results Overview

The DC Job Results Overview page gives a more advanced overview of the returned DC Job results. Option to merge or convert records manually and automatically.

Records Tab

Group Duplicate groups in the job are numbered.
Minimum Score The lowest duplicate score in the group.
Maximum Score The highest duplicate score in the group.
Average Score The average duplicate score in the group.
Pair Count The number of pairs in every group. Each pair is formed by 2 duplicate records
Record Count The number of all duplicate records found while running the job.

Navigation buttons:

Expand or close the duplicate records.
Refresh the page.
  Job Filter. Learn more about results filter in this article.
Deletes the job results.
 Export the results in a .csv file. Learn more about the export button in this article.
 Return to the DC Job Overview page.
   Navigates to related tutorials in our knowledge base.

Action Buttons:

Manual Merge button  Clicking merge will take you to the Manual Merge page. 
Quick Merge button Quick Merge will directly merge the duplicate records without any user intervention. This cannot be undone. Learn more about Quick Merge.
Manual Convert button Takes you to the manual convert page. Learn more about the Convert button in this article.
Quick Convert button Immediately converts the duplicate records pair. Learn more here.
Advanced Discard

Use advanced discard to remove a duplicate group from your results page. Learn more about this feature here.

Pair View Tab

The pair view page shows every individual match in pairs. The logic used is "A with B", "A with C", "A with D", etc.. The returned matching score for every pair is also shown, in percentage.

You will see the 'convert' button only after a cross object job is started.

Click here to watch a short video of how to add more result fields in the pair view.

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