DC Job page List Filter

Filter all DC Jobs available on the DC Job page to find a particular job between a certain period of time or by the other criteria available.

Filter Job List

The filter icon  can be found on the top right corner in the DC Job page. 
The filter can be configured in a way to find and show only jobs with criteria defined by the user.

Job Name Contains   Show jobs containing the defined value.
Object  Show jobs containing a particular object.
Match With  Show jobs matched with a particular object.
Filter  Show jobs with or without an applied filter.
Auto Process  Show Auto Merged or Auto Converted jobs.
Started After  Show jobs started after a specific date.
Finished Before  Show jobs finished before a specific date.
Groups  Show jobs with X number of groups created.
Pairs  Show jobs containing X number of pairs.
Records  Show jobs containing X number of records.
Average Score  Show jobs by the average returned matching score (%)
Order by  Show jobs in a certain order.  
Sorting  Sort jobs by descending or ascending *Order by* value.

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