DC Job Filter

The DC Job Filter feature is available in our Premium edition only.
When starting a new job, in the job settings you have the opportunity to apply a Filter to it. The DC Job Filter can include or exclude any record based on a field value. Learn how to do it in this article.  

Using DC Job Filter

The filter can be applied only before a job is started.  

Apply filters on 

Job selection - The filtered records will be matched with the entire database.
Matched records - The entire database will be matched with the filtered records. This may take some time.
Job selection & Matched records - Filtered records will only be matched with the filtered records. 


Pick the field(s) you want to be taken into account by the DC filter. If you use a reference field a suggestion will present all your inputs. The filter will only work if you click the suggested value. You can use multiple fields by clicking on the 'add filter' button.


The expression determines if an exclusion or an inclusion will be executed for this job

Equal - include records only with the defined 'Value'
Not Equal - exclude results of records with the selected 'Value'
Start with - include results of records in which the Field starts with the 'Value'.
End with- include results of records in which the Field ends with the 'Value'.

Filter Logic

The Filter Logic governs how and when filters apply to your DC Job 

Rule Definition
AND Finds records that match both values (1 AND 2)
OR Finds records that match either value (1 OR 2)
NOT Finds records that exclude values (NOT 1)

Find out more about Filters in this Salesforce informative article.

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