DC Export

The Duplicate Check Export feature is available in our Advanced and Premium edition.
The DC Export feature allows you to export the Duplicate Check Job results to a .csv file. This gives you the opportunity to review or customize your reports and present them outside the Salesforce environment.

Export DC Job results from the DC Job page

After a DC Job is completed, the export button will appear. 

After clicking on the 'Export' button, Duplicate Check will start fetching all the information of the duplicate records from the job. When it's done, you can click the 'Download the CSV' button.

Duplicate Check exports the following standard fields: 

Pair ID
Record A Id, Record B Id
Record A name, Record B name
Overall Score

Export More Fields

If you want to make exports with more fields, Duplicate Check will export the fields defined in the Results Fields page.
Watch this short video to find out how to add more fields in your exports.

Fields with Data Type date

Duplicate Check exports fields with Data Type 'date' in a UNIX timestamp format. Read here how to convert UNIX timestamp to a readable date.

Learn more about 'Result Fields' in this article.

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