Audit Logging Dashboard

The DC Audit Logging Dashboard feature is available in our Premium Edition.

The Dashboard generates a simple butĀ enriched overview of all the work Duplicate Check has done for your ORG so far. You can view the number of duplicate records merged and converted per time period, object, and user, in number and chart form.


Example of the Audit Logging Dashboard

Start using the Audit Logging Dashboard

In order to use Audit Logging Dashboard, you must have DC Audit Logging enabled. From the moment Audit Logging is enabled, new DC actions you and your users execute will start appearing on the dashboard.

Location of the Audit Logging Dashboard

1 Navigate to DC Setup
2 Under General Setup click 'Audit Logging'
3 At the top right of the Audit Log, click 'Dashboard'.
Remember to refresh your dashboard every now and then to view the most recent statistics.

Having trouble?

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