Audit Logging

The DC Audit Logging feature is available in our Premium Edition.
For anything to appear in the Audit Log, you will first need to enable DC Audit Logging.

Example of the Audit Log

DC Audit Logging keeps track of all actions performed in Duplicate Check by all users at the DC Audit page. 
This page can be found under 'General Setup' on the left at the DC Setup page.


On the top right of the page, some action buttons can be found.

 Refresh the page to see the most recent Audit Logs
Filter Audit Logs 
 Delete all Audit Logs


You have the option to filter the audit logs by a few criteria.

User View all actions performed by a particular user
Audit Type Filter by type of audit, for example, 'Merge' or 'Convert'
Object View all actions performed on a particular Object type
Record ID Filter by record ID to find all actions performed on a particular Record
Start Date View all actions performed from a specific date and time
End Date View all actions performed before a specific date and time
In our Premium edition, you can install the Audit Logging Dashboard add-on to see an overview of the work Duplicate Check has done for your ORG so far.

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