Profile Settings / Access rights for users

You might want to give your users access to certain parts of Duplicate Check for Salesforce. You can do so by giving the user access and rights to different parts of Duplicate Check by using the following profile settings.

Step 1 Allow profile access to the right (Visualforce) page

1.1 Navigate to "Salesforce Setup - Users - Profiles"
1.2 Find the profile you want to modify and click on the profile's name.
1.3 At the profile overview, scroll down to "Enabled Visualforce Page Access" and click "Edit".
1.4 At "Available Visualforce Pages", move the Visualforce pages of your choice to "Enabled Visualforce Pages".

Visualforce page  Allow Access to
 DC Setup  
dupcheck.dc3Setup DC Setup
dupcheck.dc3Settings DC Setup - Settings
dupcheck.dc3SetupCheck DC Setup - DC Setup Check
dupcheck.dc3Frequent DC Setup - DC Frequent Words
dupcheck.dc3Audit DC Setup - DC Audit
dupcheck.dc3License DC Setup - View License
DC Job  
dupcheck.dc3Batch DC Job
dupcheck.dc3BatchDetail DC Job - View Results
dupcheck.dc3BatchExport DC Job - Export
DC Check & DC Convert  
dupcheck.dc3Check DC Check page
dupcheck.dc3CheckAccount DC Check for Accounts
dupcheck.dc3CheckContact DC Check for Contacts
dupcheck.dc3CheckLead DC Check for Leads
dupcheck.dc3Convert DC Convert page
DC Entry  
dupcheck.dc3Entry DC Entry page
dupcheck.dc3EntryAccount DC Entry for Accounts
dupcheck.dc3EntryContact DC Entry for Contacts
dupcheck.dc3EntryLead DC Entry for Leads
DC Live  
dupcheck.dc3Layout DC Live
dupcheck.dc3LayoutAccount DC Live for Accounts
dupcheck.dc3LayoutContact DC Live for Contacts
dupcheck.dc3LayoutLead DC Live for Leads
DC Merge  
dupcheck.dc3Merge Merge page
dupcheck.dc3MergeListAccount Merge page accessed via DC Merge
button in list view (Accounts)
dupcheck.dc3MergeListContact Merge page accessed via DC Merge
button in list view (Contacts)
dupcheck.dc3MergeListLead Merge page accessed via DC Merge
button in list view (Leads)
dupcheck.dc3MergeModal Merge Modal page
dupcheck.dc3Search DC Search page
dupcheck.dc3DiscardLayout DC Discards
dupcheck.dc3HomeSearch DC Search page for Salesforce home page

Step 2 Allow user access to DC Apex Classes

2.1 Navigate to "Salesforce Setup - Users - Profiles". Find the profile you want to modify and click on the profile's name.
2.2 At the profile overview, scroll down to "Enabled Apex Classes" and click "Edit".
2.3 At "Available Apex Classes", move every Apex Class that starts with "dupcheck." to "Enabled Apex Classes".

Step 3 Allow user access to DC Custom Objects

3.1 Navigate to "Salesforce Setup - Users - Profiles". Find the profile you want to modify and click "Edit" before the profiles name.
3.2 Scroll down to "Custom Object Permissions". In this section, make sure the profile has full access to all Duplicate Check Objects.

Duplicate Check Deltas Full Access
Duplicate Check Indexes Full Access
Duplicate Check Duplicates Full Access
DC Discards Full Access
Duplicate Check Audits Full Access
Duplicate Check Frequent Words Full Access
Duplicate Check Groups Full Access
Duplicate Check Jobs Full Access
Duplicate Check Layouts Full Access
Duplicate Check Logs Full Access
Duplicate Check Temp Files Full Access

Step 4 Allow access to Duplicate Check tabs

  Grant the relevant profiles access to Duplicate Check tabs by setting the Tab Settings of the DC tabs to 'Default On'.
  1. Go to the Salesforce Setup > Users > Profiles
  2. Open the profile you want to modify.
  3. Open Object Settings
  4. Open the DC tabs, click Edit, change the Tab Settings to Default On, and click Save. Do this for the following tabs:

    DC Discards
    DC Entry
    DC Job
    DC Job Detail
    DC Job Overall Results
    DC Search
    DC Setup
You're done! Still having trouble merging records due to rights and permissions in Salesforce? Check out this article:  How to solve insufficient access rights when merging records

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