How to grant Salesforce Users access to the Duplicate Check classes

In the near future (9th of August 2020), a new critical update is automatically activated on the Salesforce platform called "Restrict Access to @AuraEnabled Apex Methods for Authenticated Users Based on User Profile".

As a result of activating this critical update, users in Salesforce must have direct access to Duplicate Check's classes to work with our components. Find out how to grant users access to our classes in this guide.

Option 1: Permission Set (Full access to Duplicate Check)

If you want to grant a user full access to Duplicate Check (including all pages and classes), it's easiest to add the Duplicate Check permission set to your users. This permission set is updated automatically by Duplicate Check. 

1.  Navigate to the Salesforce Setup - Users - Permission Sets.  
2.  Click on the "Duplicate Check for Salesforce" permission set.
3.  Click on the "Manage Assignments" button. 
4.  Choose to what users you want to apply the Duplicate Check for Salesforce permission set, and click "Add Assignments". 

Option 2: Grant Access to a User Profile (Partial Access)

If you don't want to give full access to a user or profile (for example, if you don't want users to access the DC Setup), we can decide only to grant access to the Duplicate Check classes so that users are able to work with our components. 

A user generally needs access to all Duplicate Check's classes. You can restrict access to certain pages, by revoking access to certain visualforce pages

1.  Navigate to the Salesforce Setup - Users - Profiles, and find the Profile you want to modify.
2.  In the profile, find "Apex Class Access". 
3.  Click 'Edit'. 
4.  At 'Available Apex Classes', select all classes that start with 'Dc3' and move it to 'Enabled Apex Classes'.
5.  Press Save. 
It's possible that you can't see all Apex Classes that should be available. This is a Salesforce known issue. You can solve this by activating the "Enhanced User Profile" setting in the Salesforce Setup.

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