How to allow user access to DC Apex Classes

For Duplicate Check to work correctly, you will need to grant your users access to all DC Apex classes. There are two possible ways to go about this. You can allow access to specific user profiles or assign our permission set to individual users.

The advantage of using the Permission Set is that DC can update the set externally. Therefore you don't need to make any changes after future updates where new classes might be introduced. If you don't want your users to access certain DC pages, for example, DC Setup, choose the User Profile option. You can then manually decide which pages your user can access by selecting the right Visualforce pages.

Option 1: Allow access to a user profile

Step 1 Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface to view all DC Apex classes

1.1 Navigate to Salesforce Setup.
1.2 Navigate to Users > User Management Settings.
1.3 Enable 'Enhanced Profile User Interface'.

Step 2 Enable all DC Apex classes

2.1 Navigate to Salesforce Setup.
2.2 Navigate to Users > Profiles.
2.3 Find the profile you want to modify and click on the profile's name.
2.4 At the profile overview, navigate to Apex Class Access.
2.5 At the top of the page, click Edit.
2.6 At Available Apex Classes, move every Apex Class starting with 'dupcheck.' to Enabled Apex Classes.
2.7  Click Save.

Option 2: Allow access to a user using our Permission Set

1 Navigate to Salesforce Setup.
2 Navigate to Users > Permission Sets.
3 Click 'Duplicate Check for Salesforce'.
4 At the top, click 'Manage Assignments'.
5 Click 'Add Assignments'.
6 Select the users to whom you want to assign the permission set.
7 Click 'Assign'.

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